Ajax StarterKit Plus is designed for protection of homes, apartments, offices or commercial premises against intrusion. The kit consists of the Hub Plus intelligent control panel, MotionProtect motion detector, DoorProtect opening detector and SpaceControl key fob with panic button.

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  1. Starter Kit Plus is the starting point for constructing a comprehensive security system for protection against intrusion.
  2. It can be connected to up to 150 various detectors and 50 cameras.
  3. The kit is scaled to rooms of any size due to additional devices: two-level apartment, three-storey mansion, office, shop or cafeteria, storage room.
  4. Assists in protecting the entrance from break-ins through windows and doors.
  5. Uses Wi-Fi, Ethernet, WCDMA and GSM to send alarms to the Central Monitoring Station and the system’s owner.Is controlled using the mobile app and key fob



Ajax Systems is a tech company that creates solutions that stand on the cutting edge of technology and science, put those innovations into devices.Ajax devices operate in the most extreme conditions, always ready to protect against tragedy.


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