Alexa is the name of Amazon’s cloud based voice service, and is used to power many voice-enabled products, including the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Tap, Look and Show devices.CasaTunes has developed an Alexa Skill which can be used with various Alexa enabled products to allow you to control CasaTunes using your voice.


  1. CasaTunes supports using multiple Alexa-enabled devices to control CasaTunes in your home.
  2. Using the CasaTunes skill for Alexa, you can assign an Alexa device to a specific CasaTunes room.
  3. Once you have assigned a room to a device, it is no longer necessary to specify the room name in each command, as it will by default, apply the command to the assigned room.
  4. For example, once you have assigned an Alexa device to the Living Room, you can power on the Living Room by issuing either of the following commands:
  5. For CasaTunes specific control, we recommend using an Echo Dot in each room where you would like to control CasaTunes using your voice.
  6. The Echo Dot provides all the capabilities required by CasaTunes, and is value priced.
  7. CasaTunes support for Alexa is currently only available in English speaking countries that support Alexa.



With CasaTunes, you can pick and choose from our flexible line of music servers and matrix amplifiers to create the perfect multiroom audio solution for your customers, whether they need an entry, value, or high performance system.


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