An advanced multi-channel microphone automixer with built-in support for VoIP conferencing, Telco conferencing, and the latest audio DSP algorithms.


  1. 16 Dante inputs and 16 Dante outputs for audio networking.
  2. 12 mic/line inputs and 8 mic/line outputs.
  3. Built in USB audio.
  4. C-Link and P-Link enable addition of units and peripherals.
  5. Flexible control options include Touch Panel Controller, BYOD dialer apps or 3rd party control modules.
  6. Configure an entire system of C-linked DSPs with CONSOLE AI software.
  7. Connect via C-link to VoIP and Telco enabled DSPs for conferencing.
  8. Built-in DARE™ algorithm for dynamic feedback elimination.
  9. Reduced foot-print and power consumption.



Clear, intelligible audio elevates the user experience in any workspace—from cubicles and huddle spaces to executive offices, boardrooms, and auditoriums. When you choose ClearOne, you get the highest-quality audio and visual solutions and a team committed to your success.


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