The MT103 E-HD provides a complete hardware/software platform solution that will let you design, tune, and build your own audio solution. Phoenix offers a large library of algorithms to run on the MT103 E-HD.



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  1. Noise Cancelling.Filters out ambient room noise such as air conditioning and background office or traffic noise
    Acoustic Echo Cancellation.
  2. Prevents your microphone from transmitting the voice picked up from your speaker
  3. Automatic Gain Control.Automatically adjusts your microphone sensitivity so that you are heard loud and clear regardless of your tone and distance from the device
  4. De-Reverberation.Improves audio pick up quality in reverberant rooms with hard reflective surfaces such as exposed, concrete, marble, or glass walls and ceilings


Phoenix Audio

Its technologies provides video conferencing equipment with high-quality audio that is easy to install and simple to use.


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