The DIN Rail mounted Low-Voltage Output Station (LVOS) is used for the control and automation of LED and Fluorescent lighting loads requiring either 0-10V or pulse width modulation (PWM) for dimming control. The DIN LVOS can control up to eight 0-10V loads. Unlike other LVOS products the DIN LVOS does not have relays on-board for switching. It relies on an external relay station (RS8-L-DIN) or module (MDR8CW301) to do high-voltage switching.

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  1. DIN Rail mounted 0-10V station
  2. Communication via Station Bus
  3. Controls up to eight 0-10V or four PWM outputs for control of LED or Fluorescent lighting
  4. Each dimming channel can be programmed with a unique power profile to match the dimming curve of the lighting load
  5. Allows for the addition of dry contact inputs to the automation network



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