With two programmable buttons, RadioLink keypads provide scene control for transition areas such as hallways or pathways that are traditionally wired with 3- or 4-way switches. In existing structures, RadioLink keypads quickly install in the place of standard switches without running new wires. In addition, RadioLink keypads will fit the needs of any new construction project, allowing for incremental expansion of a system to accommodate almost any design or budget.

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  1. True type font, laser engraved button text
  2. Full range, RGB, adjustable backlight for buttons
  3. Hidden, ambient light sensor for automatic day/night backlight intensity control
  4. Hidden, built-in IR receiver
  5. Responds instantly to button press, regardless of system size
  6. Accepts multi-event programming on a single button
  7. Allows control of any room or device with a single button
  8. Acts as a fully programmable keypad on the Vantage system
  9. Installs easily into existing structures
  10. Controls loads in secondary structures, such as a pool house, detached garage, shed, etc.
  11. Offers same look and feel as other Vantage keypad stations
  12. Two-way communication via proprietary RadioLink protocol



Finding an automation system, keypads and interfaces for your home is often a challenge. In addition, finding the right integrator to do business with, can be as well.At Vantage customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our knowledgeable specification, sales, installation and service teams raise the customer care bar to the highest level


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