The CONVERGE Pro 880T combines the rich functionality of the CONVERGE Pro 880 with a built-in telephone interface and speaker amplifier for standalone conferencing applications. The 880T delivers enhanced management features, simplified configuration tools, and industryleading expandability for virtually any venue or application.


  1. Next-generation Acoustical Echo Cancellation
  2. Full bandwidth (20Hz to 22Khz) echo cancellation
  3. Improved duplex performance
  4. Push-to-talk microphone compatibility
  5. Next-generation Noise Cancellation
  6. Adaptive modeling to room ambient noise condition
  7. Increased resolution on Microphone Preamp stage
  8. 0-56 dB in 7 dB increments
  9. Pre-AEC routing for Sound-Reinforcement Applications
  10. Maximum of 4 millisecond processing delay
  11. Management Improvements
  12. Integrated Ethernet and USB connections
  13. SNMP and HTML remote management agents
  14. Event scheduler
  15. Diagnostic console
  16. Simplified Configuration Software
  17. Drag & drop A/V and channel objects
  18. Selectable views—unit, matrix,



Clear, intelligible audio elevates the user experience in any workspace—from cubicles and huddle spaces to executive offices, boardrooms, and auditoriums. When you choose ClearOne, you get the highest-quality audio and visual solutions and a team committed to your success.


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