The CSS556 is a 10 Watt surface-mount loudspeaker which is designed to be used in all kinds of applications where there is no possibility to integrate speakers into walls or ceilings.

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  1. It features a 6” full range loudspeaker which is suitable for background music an announcements and is fitted with a line transformer with power taps for 6 Watt and 3 Watt.
  2. The CSS556 is conform with EN60849, which is known as the standard for sound systems for emergency purposes
  3. They are made of high quality components to ensure a beautiful warm sound reproduction of music and speech
  4. Furthermore, they all have an integrated 100V line transformer with several power taps, whereby they can be used in standard low impedance Hi-Fi or larger 100V PA systems.
  5. The cone is moisture-proof treated, so they can be used in damp rooms or in outside applications.
  6. The grill and housing can be painted to integrate seamlessly into your interior.



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