The M15CX is a new reference stage monitor, designed for a perfect reference, representing in a plane frequency response without annoying high frequencies, being really comfortable even under high pressure, thanks to its extremely sensible coaxial transducer , that allows reproduce a band width from 87Hz to 20 kHz variation as maximum 3dB in all the spectra.

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  1. Thanks to features like this also is possible use it as a portable PA system, because of the rugged powder coated steel pole mount installed on the side.
  2. The advantages of the coaxial transducers are the complete absence of feedback and, thanks to the coherent wave front with a perfect dispersion control, a perfect listening in every position.
  3. The newly designed 15?+2.85? coaxial transducers guarantee an outstanding audio quality and definition as well as an extremely lightweight of the final system.
  4.  The 2.85? dome compression driver, loaded to a 60° conical wave guide, provides a clear vocal output and a perfect high frequency extension, delivering very high headroom before feedback, and focusses coverage only where it?s needed, resulting in lower acoustic power on stage.
  5. The M15 CX monitor can work under high pressure with no distorsion.
  6. The main connections board is equipped in order to configure the stage monitors for any stage situation with XLR Input and Output Link, everything designed and assembled in a cabinet made in Poly wood, finished with an extremely resistant paint for an extensive use on the road.
  7. An ergonomic sides handles, integrated with the input panel, is provided for an easier transport.



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