The SIM 3 audio analyzer system is the newest generation of acoustical audio analysis in an integrated hardware and software package.In the field or on the bench, the SIM 3 system analyzes entire sound systems as easily as it verifies the performance of individual electronic components.Made for the road, equipped with a fast flash hard drive and blazing fast processing speed – more than 50 times that of SIM II – the SIM-3022 audio analyzer provides capabilities far beyond those of existing audio measurement systems.For example, under windy conditions the extraordinary speed of the SIM 3 analyzer enables it to successfully take measurements when the wind subsides for one brief moment.

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  1. This dedicated 2-space rack-mount hardware running proprietary software features
  2. The ability to test entire acoustical/electronic systems or individual electronic components
  3. Unprecedented power and speed with more than 2,000 FFTs per second: results at high resolution in less than one second
  4. Voltage and SPL calibrated measurements
  5. Two line level and mic inputs with instrumentation grade preamps
  6. Optional external line or microphone signal switchers to expand the number of signal branches to be measured without any re-patching
  7. Optional internal 2-channel switcher ideal for studio work
  8. CD-RW storage for analysis data and export to other environments
  9. Digital signal generator capable of creating a wide variety of test signals


Meyer sound

Manufactures self-powered loudspeakers, multichannel audio show control systems, electroacoustic architecture, and audio analysis tools for the professional sound reinforcement, fixed installation, and sound recording industries.


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