The Phoenix Audio MT107KSK is a DSP based, four microphone, beamforming, echo cancelling, noise cancelling microphone array system specifically designed for the various environments that Kiosks are exposed to. Providing increased pick up quality via directed beamforming to a singular point (person talking) in a crowded environment.

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  1. Noise Cancelling Microphone Array.Filters out ambient room noise such as air conditioning and background office or traffic noise
  2. Echo Cancelling Microphone Array.Prevents your microphone from transmitting the voice picked up from your speaker
  3. Beamforming Microphone Array.Steering or directing an audio beam to pick up audio only from the direction of the person speaking, while canceling noise from all other directs


Phoenix Audio

Its technologies provides video conferencing equipment with high-quality audio that is easy to install and simple to use.


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