Those plain old table-top speaker phones are no match for Stem Table. With nine microphones performing real beamforming and an innovative downward-facing speaker matrix, Table takes the quality of your meetings to the next level. Need more coverage? Mix and match all Stem devices until your room’s completely covered.

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  1. Designed to sit on the table
  2. Alexa enabled
  3. 9 built in beamforming microphones circle the perimeter
  4. LED lights highlight voice direction indication
  5. 10’ optimal coverage
  6. Controls on the device include: Volume Up, Down, and Mute
  7. Connections on the device include: Ethernet and USB Type B
  8. Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  9. Microphone and speaker separation via downward-facing driver
  10. Amplified sound disbursement by way of mounting surfaces
  11. True beamforming techniques for smaller apertures enable Stem to do full beamforming
  12. Compatible with all video conferencing platforms
  13. Stems deep learning in neural networks improve echo-canceling, de-reverb, and noise cancellation algorithms
  14. Dimensions: 8”x 3”


Stem Audio

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