The TRF-ZW3 is the most powerful Z-Wave Gateway offered by URC. Perfect for larger installations, the TRF-ZW3 features more bandwidth and power to provide reliable control of up to 100 Z-Wave devices from a single gateway and delivers faster performance. Features Z-Wave Plus Technology.

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  1. Z-Wave® Gateway
  2. Z-Wave Plus™ technology
  3. Allows for control of over 100 Z-Wave / Z-Wave Plus devices
  4. 250% More bandwidth
  5. Increased CPU speed



Its  products easily integrate with thousands of brands, including two-way communication for a robust interactive experience. Over the past 30 years, URC has built relationships with top consumer electronics companies, establishing the largest library of control codes in the industry. URC is committed to creating new and innovative control solutions that elevate people’s daily lives in meaningful and powerful ways — at home, at work and at play!


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