the URC 500 series Appliance Module provides local and remote ON/OFF control of appliances up to 600 Watts where desired. Furthermore, the module provides other programmable functions (events, association, etc) when installed as part of a Total Control smart automation and control system.

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  1.  Plug-in modules can be manually controlled and remote controlled by commands sent from URC and other Z-
  2. Wave Plus compatible controllers or programs.
  3. Simply plug the appliance cord into the receptacle on the URC 500 Series Appliance module and plug the module directly into the wall.
  4. No screwdriver needed.Z-Wave Plus™ technology
  5. Provides wireless Z-Wave Plus control of one outlet, leaving the other pass through outlet always ON when the device is plugged in
  6. Red LED button indicates if Z-Wave Plus controlled outlet is ON or OFF
  7. Pressing this LED button will Turn ON or OFF the Z-Wave Plus controlled outlet
  8. Quite relay switching
  9. Ability to be controlled remotely by other URC 500 series devices through association
  10. Can be associated with up to four devices
  11. Panic mode for increased security & integration with security systems
  12. Configurable “power ON” status
  13. Power Failure Memory
  14. Available in White only



Its  products easily integrate with thousands of brands, including two-way communication for a robust interactive experience. Over the past 30 years, URC has built relationships with top consumer electronics companies, establishing the largest library of control codes in the industry. URC is committed to creating new and innovative control solutions that elevate people’s daily lives in meaningful and powerful ways — at home, at work and at play!


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