adorneĀ® keypads are designed and programmed through Design Center software (3.8 or higher). Installation is very simple, requiring a proprietary 2-wire Vantage Station Bus pigtail connection. Faceplates and mounting brackets are sold separately.

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  1. Responds instantly to button press regardless of system size
  2. With 1 and 3 button configurations, Design Center provides automatic programming options of +/- for step level load and scene dimming, or up and down buttons for integrated shade control
  3. Accepts multi-event programming on a single button
  4. Auxiliary connection for motion sensors, wood and metal door contacts, light sensors, etc.
  5. Communication and power via Vantage two-wire, non-polarized Station Bus
  6. RGB status indication
  7. Compatible with 36-volt Station Bus
  8. Built-in surge suppression
  9. Wall plates and mounting brackets are also sold separately from LegrandĀ® distributors around



Finding an automation system, keypads and interfaces for your home is often a challenge. In addition, finding the right integrator to do business with, can be as well.At Vantage customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our knowledgeable specification, sales, installation and service teams raise the customer care bar to the highest level


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