Combining superior speaker, microphone, and audio processing technologies, this line of conference phones sets a new audio standard for conference calls, desktop audio, and PC communication tools. Designed to offer a greater audio frequency range than conventional devices, these phones deliver crisper, richer tones to facilitate remarkably clear communication.

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  1. High fidelity audio for authentic sound with dual tweeter and mid-woofer elements and full 20 KHz bandwidth
  2. Standard SIP Support for IP PBX’s and cloud or on-premise environments
  3. Full duplex technology with four microphones incorporating fully integrated echo cancellation for clear conference calls and high volume
  4. Enables unified communications by supporting both USB audio and SIP telephony
  5. Allows users to connect to IP telephone systems and laptop, PC, or tablet for use in communication applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx and more
  6. Serves as a bridge between communications channels, allowing a mix of SIP and USB audio conference calls



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