Transform any flat surface into a touchscreen .Interactive Module for flat surfaces

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  1. Plug-and-Play – no driver installation needed.
  2. Portable – easy to attach to a screen or a board.
  3. Interact with your content effectively by placing Precise Touch on top of a display or a whiteboard.
  4. Use software annotation and drawing tools to accomplish your objectives.
  5. Use together with document cameras and other educational equipment to keep students interested and focused.
  6. Impress your customers and partners by using advanced presentation equipment.
  7. Make your display interactive in a cost-effective way.
  8. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.



There are numerous ways to improve video collaboration , its effectiveness and technology is one of the most important of them. Lecture capture products, auto-tracking devices, interactive boards, and other AV technology - all these innovation were developed to build on and improve solutions


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