The DSP40 is a professional DAB/DAB+ & FM tuner which provides access to a wide variation of radio stations while guaranteeing a high-quality audio reproduction.

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  1. Station selection can be done manually or automatically, while up to 10 preferred channels can be internally stored and recalled.
  2. The front panel of the system accommodates a 2.8” TFT display in combination with a push rotary function dial and 4 tactile push buttons.
  3. The controls and indicators on the front panel of the unit are guaranteeing an intuitive and user friendly operation, allowing hassle free operation and configuration to even unexperienced users.
  4. Information such as radio station information carried by RDS / Radio text and signal reception strength are indicated.
  5. The signal output level is user configurable while dynamic range compression (DRC) is supported, improving the intelligibility for low volumes in applications with high levels of background noise.



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