The MT505 Spider USB and SIP/IP Telephone from Phoenix Audio is an SIP/IP conference phone that provides USB and SIP/IP bridging for both audio and video conferencing applications in boardrooms, conference rooms, and executive offices. It features a 4 microphone beamforming array that helps provide full duplex communication, while its integrated DSP offers echo cancellation, noise reduction, and de-reverb functionality, in addition to providing automatic gain control.

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  1. PSTN telephony & USB soft codec connectivity to address both video conferencing and audio conference meetings.
  2. The Spider also support a three-way call bridge between both interfaces to provide maximum flexibility
  3. The user interface is incorporated through LED lights discreetly placed throughout the unit. The Spider comes to life when it is in action and displays only the needed functions depending on the specific scenario
  4. Four microphone beamforming array
  5. Full duplex communication
  6. Automatic gain control
  7. Bridging between USB and SIP/IP
  8. Echo Cancelling
  9. LED lit control buttons
  10. Noise Reduction
  11. Supports PoE ( Power over Ethernet) De-reverb
  12. Dual audio/video platforms
  13. DSP-based algorithms
  14. Daisy chainable
  15. Directional LED lighting
  16. Recording utility for Windows computers


Phoenix Audio

Its technologies provides video conferencing equipment with high-quality audio that is easy to install and simple to use.


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